Sunday, February 12, 2012

Walker on foreclosure settlement: I coulda used it all

Okay, nobody actually said that, but Wisconsin will receive $141 million as part of a foreclosure fraud settlement with five of the country's biggest banks, of which $31.6 million is to go directly to the state. Good thing it wasn't the whole $141 million: Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen, whose office has control of the money, has made the decision, in consultation with Governor Scott Walker, that exactly none of that $31.6 million will go to actually compensate homeowners. The plan is that most of the money - $25.6 million - will be used to finger the gushing dike of the Walker "budget" (currently in arrears about $143 million, $208 million by the end of the biennium in 2013, according to the Legislative Fiscal Bureau).  The remaining $6 million will be "retained by the Department of Justice to be allocated at a later date."

What can you even say about douche-baggery of this magnitude? Here's Scooter's take:
“Just like communities and individuals have been affected, the foreclosure crisis has had an effect on the state of Wisconsin, in terms of unemployment. … This will offset that damage done to the state of Wisconsin,” Walker said [jsonline].
Leaves you gasping for breath, doesn't it?


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