Thursday, February 23, 2012

Steve Nass: If I don't like it, you can't see it

This one really pisses me off: Steve Nasshole (R-La Grange) has threatened the UW-Extension School for Workers into cancelling an art exhibition displaying the images and written works that sprang from the historic protests in Madison last spring. Nass claims that " . . . there are lots of Republicans and conservatives around the state who are still very angry about that whole thing. We just suggested that now, with all the tensions that still exist, this may not be the appropriate time for this arts festival."

Why should I give a damn if "republicans and conservatives around the state" are pretty angry about the protests? If these pudlickers want to help out the 1% by giving public property and tax money to assholes like David Koch, then they can damn well expect the rest of us to get pissed. There are a lot of "democrats and liberals" in this state who are pretty angry, too, except Nazis like Nass don't believe in our right to express anything but agreement with his corporatist bullshit agenda.

Short and sweet: To hell with Steve Nass and his censorship, and to hell with the School of Workers for caving in to it. Their pussy excuse is a response to Nass' threat to defund the School, a shit trick he has pulled before. AND THEY SIMPLY LET HIM GET AWAY WITH IT.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Walker on foreclosure settlement: I coulda used it all

Okay, nobody actually said that, but Wisconsin will receive $141 million as part of a foreclosure fraud settlement with five of the country's biggest banks, of which $31.6 million is to go directly to the state. Good thing it wasn't the whole $141 million: Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen, whose office has control of the money, has made the decision, in consultation with Governor Scott Walker, that exactly none of that $31.6 million will go to actually compensate homeowners. The plan is that most of the money - $25.6 million - will be used to finger the gushing dike of the Walker "budget" (currently in arrears about $143 million, $208 million by the end of the biennium in 2013, according to the Legislative Fiscal Bureau).  The remaining $6 million will be "retained by the Department of Justice to be allocated at a later date."

What can you even say about douche-baggery of this magnitude? Here's Scooter's take:
“Just like communities and individuals have been affected, the foreclosure crisis has had an effect on the state of Wisconsin, in terms of unemployment. … This will offset that damage done to the state of Wisconsin,” Walker said [jsonline].
Leaves you gasping for breath, doesn't it?


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Boy Scouts court martial Scott Walker

MADISON — In a surprise move yesterday, the Boy Scouts of America announced they will begin court martial proceedings against Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin.The ultimate goal of the court martial, according to a Boy Scout press release, is to strip Walker of his Eagle Scout rank and "bust him all the way back to cleaning latrines. Really nasty latrines." The Scouts went on to say that the charges against Walker stem from his basic dishonesty, a callous disregard for "those of us who most need a helping hand," and generally giving a potful of public money to private individuals who don't need it.

"Scott Walker no longer personifies the Boy Scout ideal," the release concluded. "He will be stripped of his insignia, rank, and uniform, then marched to the nearest public toilet to begin his new Scouting assignment."

Walker spokesperson Cullen Werwie declined comment on the matter, claiming he was on his way to a singing engagement at the Federal Building in Milwaukee and had to save his voice. (Werwie has been granted immunity in a John Doe investigation into irregularities during Walker's recent campaign for the Governor's post. The probe is being conducted by Milwaukee County DA John Chisolm.)

Friday, February 3, 2012

Wisconsin State Assembly to debate whether they should govern at all

Photo: TPM
In a stunning and courageous move, Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald introduced legislation, bill number AB-000a, nicknamed "Government: So Over" today. In a press release this afternoon, Fitzgerald urged Wisconsinites to pay no attention, go shopping or something.

While little is known of the actual language in the bill, sources close to the Speaker confirm that the bill would essentially repeal Wisconsin's constitutional government and create a quasi-public-private-amorphous entity called WisProfit to run the state as a for-profit corporation in its place.

"It's my dream," Fitzgerald said at a presser in the Assembly chamber late today. "I want to repeal my own job, then go to work for WisProfit. Sweet."

Thursday, February 2, 2012


noun, "jōbs-tər--shən"

stroking of the 1% believing they'll pop for a few jobs, pastime of Republican legislators and tea party governors.