Thursday, February 23, 2012

Steve Nass: If I don't like it, you can't see it

This one really pisses me off: Steve Nasshole (R-La Grange) has threatened the UW-Extension School for Workers into cancelling an art exhibition displaying the images and written works that sprang from the historic protests in Madison last spring. Nass claims that " . . . there are lots of Republicans and conservatives around the state who are still very angry about that whole thing. We just suggested that now, with all the tensions that still exist, this may not be the appropriate time for this arts festival."

Why should I give a damn if "republicans and conservatives around the state" are pretty angry about the protests? If these pudlickers want to help out the 1% by giving public property and tax money to assholes like David Koch, then they can damn well expect the rest of us to get pissed. There are a lot of "democrats and liberals" in this state who are pretty angry, too, except Nazis like Nass don't believe in our right to express anything but agreement with his corporatist bullshit agenda.

Short and sweet: To hell with Steve Nass and his censorship, and to hell with the School of Workers for caving in to it. Their pussy excuse is a response to Nass' threat to defund the School, a shit trick he has pulled before. AND THEY SIMPLY LET HIM GET AWAY WITH IT.

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