Saturday, August 6, 2011

Profit Margin

Tea party republicanism, which means ALL republicanism today, is based entirely on, and driven entirely by, profit. Greed, if you will, has become so central to the party's philosophy that they felt compelled to attack the US economy, make that world economy, simply to prevent taxes being raised on the Ayn-Randians, corporatists and fascist scumbags who overwhelmingly populate the top 2% of the economic food chain. Their handlers see themselves as the ruling class and have since the turn of the LAST century, so this is nothing new. (Google "plot against Roosevelt").

They are launching attack after attack on the common people and workers of this country, both nationally and at the state level. While they characterize themselves as the entitled cream of the crop, it's important for the rest of us to remember: Shit Floats.

Time to flush.


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